A Fathers Impact Research Paper

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A Fathers Impact Cohen, S. R. Zeedyk, S. M. Tipton, L. A. Rodas, N. V. Blacher, J. “Fathers of children with or without ID: understanding long-term psychological symptoms,” Journal of Intellectual Disability Research. Apr2016, Vol. 60 Issue 4, p295-307. Most mothers and fathers love their kids with all their heart. As a child begins to age, parents begin to influence their kids and will mold them as they mature. However, parents without much care for their kids will leave a long-term effect on their children and in this study, the main impact is the father. The “Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development grant,” financially funded the studies and research that had been conducted. The researchers in this experiment were Jan Blacher, Bruce L. Baker, the Undergraduates and Graduates from UCLA as well as UC Riverside. Now, it had been understood that fathers who take the time to care for their children with behavior issues or any sort of disability can naturally diminish psychological difficulties within their child. A father will always have a diverse relationship with their kids. The ideal reasoning behind this experiment was to…show more content…
My father left when I was really young and I lived most of my life without him. To read an article about how a father can have a greater impact on a child and their psychological behavior fascinated me. Not having a father, I tend to live a decent life and I may have some issues. However, I live normal. Dads tend to have “unique” relationships with their kids and that could potentially be the reason for some children to experience psychological trouble. Dads can be strict and much scarier than their mother. Nevertheless, I do not live with a dad and I would not know. Overall, I chose this topic because I was able to connect it to myself and how different it is to my
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