A Father's Right to His Unborn Child

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Unlike most topics of abortion, this paper is not about whether a woman has the legal right to end a pregnancy with an abortion, but whether or not it is ethically justifiable to ruin a father’s relationship with his unborn child (Father’s rights, N.D., par. 1). Different circumstances call for different measures to be taken, but when a father wants his child, the outcome should be obvious.
Because of the infamous court case Roe v. Wade, women everywhere have the right to terminate a pregnancy, with or without the father’s consent. A father legally does not even need to be informed of an abortion taking place. The writer is not arguing that all abortions are wrong, or that all sperm donors would be good fathers, but for those men who
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For a woman who is not financially stable, pregnancy can be a fragile experience. Money is spent on maternity clothing, baby items, and expensive doctor visits. When the woman is not working, she is not making money, which can cause a great deal of stress on her and the fetus. To her, abortion is the only way for her life to become normal again.
For a father who wants to raise his child and take full custody of him or her, there should be no legal right for a woman to abort the child. If the father is capable and has the framework for supporting and raising a child, it should not be questioned whether or not he has the right to his own child. Not only would the father supply emotional support, but he would also help pay for the expenses during the pregnancy. As for time being taken off from a job and/or school, the father would also have these setbacks.
In addition to what has already been stated, the main argument for the right to an abortion is the gender equality issue between men and women (Kolbert, 1992, par. 1). A pregnant woman is said to be withheld from her normal, everyday life because of the fetus being carried inside of her. Women should be viewed as their own person and not just as housing for a fetus. Another argument for women who support abortion is that men do not get pregnant and, therefore, they do not get confined to the responsibilities of being pregnant

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