A Faulty Generalization Of Racial Conflict Essay

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Introduction A faulty generalization leading to negative attitudes towards a certain ethnic group is the meaning we intend with the term ‘prejudice’. The term can be made use of quite frequently when discussing the volatile characters and arduous struggles interwoven throughout the history of racial conflict. In this particular context of Merton’s typology, prejudiced is the deeply-rooted feeling of apprehension and distain for minorities; which causes so much violence and discord in America even today. It manifests itself many times by its adherents’ tendency to judge minorities based on stereotypes they may bear. Which is to pass judgment on an individual based on one’s obtuse perception of the ethnic group to which they belong. Discrimination is the weapon of those entrenched in irrational prejudices used to subject and defame their victims. This practice permeates our legal policies – particularly those involving foreigners entering this country. It clouds the judgment of bankers and realtors involved in minorities purchasing homes and apartments. It obstructs fair hiring practices among employers of America’s businesses. It even poison’s our speech and that of our young children – planting the seeds of division which condemn yet another generation to needless confusion and heartless oppression. Robert K. Merton attempted to expose these concepts by developing his “typology” of prejudice and discrimination. This typology places an

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