A Faulty Understanding Of God 's Nature

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A faulty understanding of God’s nature means that both a counsellor and a counselee’s worldview may be skewed. The consequences for a counsellor is ineffective, and potentially dangerous guidance. A Christian counsellor needs a close relationship with God, which provides a connection with the Holy Spirit. It is impossible to have a faulty understanding of God and simultaneously be close to Him. Closeness suggests intimate knowledge of another based on what is true, not on what is perceived. One of the Christian counsellor’s primary roles is to provide a way for the counselee to find hope and trust in God’s love and wisdom in their life, since He is the ultimate way to healing, wholeness and contentment. The Christian’s counsellor’s faulty…show more content…
The person with a faulty understanding of God will remain trapped in their own patterns, repeat the same mistakes, and require ongoing counselling as a result.
b) The two attributes from table 4.1 that stand out in my brief relationship with God thus far are omnipotence and love. The character traits listed beside omnipotence conjure memories of my daughter’s hospital bedside. She was thrown through the rear window of a car and sustained serious injuries that should have, at the very least, resulted in her being confined to a wheelchair, and at most, no longer with us. I witnessed what God can do when five days later she was released from the trauma unit with no sign of her injuries. NONE. After her broken, bloodied body was put on emergency surgery watch, spleen on the verge of erupting, talk of back, leg and head injuries, an oncologist reviewing the black spots found on her lungs during the MRI, and the doctors giving me ‘the look’, God took an opportunity to not just show up, but to show off. I was not a believer, but I still begged Him to prove Himself. Funny how ‘non-believers’ still inherently know who to turn to in crisis. It proves that every human suspects He is there, or we would not test Him this way. Since that time, God has followed through on every promise He has made to me. He has shown up
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