A Feedback Loop Is A Section Of A Control System Inside An Organism Body

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A feedback loop is a section of a control system inside an organisms body, that can self-correct to then change a section of the control system according to difference between the actual/desired set point. http://www.thefreedictionary.com/feedback+loop There are two types of feedback loops negative and positive, .They are both occur due to the Stimuli. However negative feedback loops operate differently then they do in a positive feedback loop. A negative feedback loop is used to suppress or discontinue the effect of a stimuli. A negative feedback loop occurs when the stimuli (change in the environment) is detected and a response occurs, to discontinue the Stimuli. For example the temperature of the human body increases above it’s set…show more content…
Biology book, class notes. Progesterone is a steroid hormone most commonly found in the female reproductive cycle. The following diagram represents three feedback loops for the menstrual cycle. The blue feedback loop shows two hormones, FSH and LH, secretion as to begin the growth of the follicle then the hormones work together to start the estrogen secretion the estrogen then has a negative feedback from FSH causing it to stop been desecrate. The red feedback loop shows, increased levels of estrogen occur midpoint in the cycle causing positive feedback to respond on the LH cells in the pituitary. As LH levels rise ovulation will occur. The purple feedback loop concludes after ovulation and shows the follicle cells transform into corpus luteum which secrets then builds up progesterone and estrogen levels forming the endometrial lining the hormones work together and a second negative feedback signal is sent to allow the release of FSH and LH. The corpus luteum then deteriorates dropping the production of estrogen and progesterone allowing menstruation to occur. https://sbi4u2013.wordpress.com/2013/03/03/the-menstrual-cycle-feedback-loop/ The mammal that is equipped to live in dry water conditions (e.g. desert) is mammal 1. Mammal 1 shows the lowest excreation of water through evaporation, urine and faeces. It is

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