A Fellowship At Schaefer Centre Of Public Policy

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It is with great enthusiasm that I apply for a fellowship at Schaefer Centre of Public Policy Insti at the University of Baltimore. After researching a few universities, I found the university appealing for its track record of academic excellence, mentorship and its proximity to Washington DC, the hub of public policy. My inspiration to study public administration stems from, my vision to become an agent of change, a change that will not only better the lives of women and children but, humanity as a whole.Having lived and schooled in three different countries, I have seen firsthand the impact of policy on the lives of citizens. In my own home country, public policy is the missing link in growth and sustainable development.The breakdown of rule of law, absence of institutions and absolute corruption has sent the economy to the grave. Zimbabwe, once the bread basket of Africa, is now a dustbowl with over 13 million citizens surviving on international Aid. I am fully convinced that, better standards of living, economic development, positive health outcomes and sustainable development can only be achieved through effective policy formulation, implementation, and administration.
The change Zimbabwe needs, demands knowledge and skill. A doctorate degree will give me thorough understanding in the discourse of Public Administraion through, intergrating theory and practice.The components of course work will give me training in different practice areas such
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