A Female Athlete Victory Doesn 't Have The Same Bite

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When you 're a female athlete victory doesn 't have the same bite ,there is a certain lackluster and supressment in winning that many female athletes can attest to.Burton Nelson defines femininity as “non competitive,non ruthless,not victorious”,female athletes can not want to win with all their “heart” and “ souls”.In her writing “I won.I’m Sorry”,she accounts for not only the grievances that she herself faced as a female in a gendered society but also ones that professional female athletes have to go through.Burton Nelson starts of her narrative with an anecdote on Sylvia Plath,a well known poet noted for committing suicide. Nelson makes use of Sylvia 's letter to her mother Aurelia Platt,her tendency to cater to men and her spelling bee contest to help keep her argument composed and clear.She uses these events to frame her ideas that women in sports aren 't’ accepted in society unless they have grace in defeat,society requiring women in sports to achieve in a emphasized feminine manner and female athletes need to catering to their male counterparts ego.

Nelson uses the plact anecdote to structure her view that women in sports are expected to emphazise thier femininity in order achieve or compete .Television advertisements tend to tell compelling stories to frame their arguments on why audiences should buy there products.Burton Nelson follows this same idea when she uses Sylvia 's letter to her mother.Burton Nelson quotes“I am so happy that his book is accepted

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