A Feminist Perspective On Rural Women Essay

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Rural women, especially farmers, are one of the most impoverished groups of people in the United States (Hacker, 1980, p. 237). Often, rural women struggle to survive in today’s society because they have no modern skills and have trouble running farms, as farms are habitually considered to be family-owned, male-run businesses (Hacker, 1980, p. 237). Sociologist Sally Hacker (1980), who also has old yet relevant research, contends that “the skills required by farming give many women and their daughters a sense of resilience, competence, and self-esteem” (p. 237). Farming, thus, is a feminist action for women who run farms and for women who purchase from these farms. Professor of women’s studies Kathy Rudy (2012) agrees with such a statement, and says that all types of feminists need to come together against the harmful industrialized ways of farming (Rudy, 2012, p. 33). Rudy (2012) argues that locavore-feminism has an impact larger than just on one person, and can change the way more people eat if enough people take action (p. 34). She says feminist food activism helps us shift away from unsustainable food production toward closed cycle small farms, which could help these farmers get their food to more people and change the lives of women and children who live in poverty (Rudy, 2012, p. 34). Thus, it is apparent that eating food locally grown by women assists in the larger goal of increased agricultural and economic sustainability, and feminists and locavores alike should

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