A Fetus Has Rights! Essay

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Abortion is a deliberate medical or surgical procedure that terminates a pregnancy. The U.S. Supreme Court’s 1973 ruling in Roe v. Wade legalized abortion allowing women to terminate their pregnancy within the first trimester, mobilizing advocates on both sides of the issue. Since then, abortion elicits conflicting views and has divided society into different opinions and different sides. People argue that women have a constitutional right to determine what to do with their bodies. Others say that a life is a life, no matter how small. In the United States, abortion is a controversial issue because it is a broad and complex subject that touches ethical, social, and legal issues. Although others believe a woman has the right to choose what …show more content…
Meaning it wasn’t the child’s choice to be conceived in that circumstance and it should have a choice to live, no matter the father’s identity the child is still a part of her. Children and adults that have a deformity can have a healthy and normal life. Aborting a child because it has a deformity shows that some lives aren’t worth living, due to a difference. “Even if this were true, who should have the right to say which individuals are not worthy of life or to justify the intervention of direct killing” (Brown)? These physical limitations do not make them any less human. Modern medicine is constantly advancing and cures for diseases are being made every day. If the mother can’t afford the child, there are preventative measures to prevent a pregnancy.
The main issue in the abortion debate has been complicated due to the lack of agreement in defining when a fetus becomes a person and acquires rights that can protect it from harm. “People hold sharply different views on whether or not a fetus should be protected. These people, who believe that life begins at conception, the moment when an egg is fertilized are against any stages of abortion. Those who claim that an embryo or fetus is not a person until the time of birth are pro-choice” (Abortion). Many pro-choice advocates argue that a fetus is a person, but it lacks the qualities of a human being and should not be protected. Pro-life advocates argue the moment a child is conceived, the child is a human
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