Essay on A Few Good Men Clip Analysis

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Hundreds of movies are released every year. Filmmakers try to create the next jaw-dropping movie that audiences will stand in line for hours and pay top dollar to see. The key to success is finding ideas that appeal to a mass audience. Viewers are the lifeline of any production company so making something for everyone is a savvy business move for the film industry. To cover all bases, there are over fourteen different genres of movies. Film making is not a solo effort. It is a collaboration between the actors, directors, producers and other key contributors. This combined effort or mise-en-scene includes all the elements of the film to include actors, backdrops, costumes, props and lighting used to meet the director’s vision…show more content…
Although Mr. Reiner never served in the military, he was able to put his personal spin on this story because he related with Lt Kaffee. According to Weinraub (1992), “In all my films," said Mr. Reiner, who had struggled for years to move out of the shadow of his own father, the writer and director Carl Reiner, "I've got to find something I can hook up with, connect with. Kaffee is in the same business as his father; I'm in the same business as mine” (pg.1). He used this familiar ground along with the moral dilemma as the foundation for the Oscar nominated movie. Mr. Reiner then turned his vision to the production designer.
The production designer on this particular film was J. Michael Risen. He was responsible for bringing the visual elements of the movie to life. His design aesthetic was critical to the success of the scene. Mr. Risen designed the set that accurately represented a military court room. He did not complete this task alone. The production designer also joined with the art director to finalize the shot.
The art director was David F. Klassen. He worked with Mr. Risen in designing the courtroom. This included the light fixtures on the wall, the wood paneling in the court room, the military uniforms and the makeup for the actors. Mr. Risen and Mr. Klassen were responsible for ensuring the set met the visual standards described by the director. The success of this
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