A Few Notes on Theodore Roosevelt and Wilson´s Stand in World War I

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1. President Theodore Roosevelt was into helping other countries out and trying to make peace with them all. Roosevelt wanted the world to be stable. He felt that a country should be civilized and have economic development. Roosevelt also believed that if a country was civilized they had the right to interfere in matters of what he called a “backward” nation to reserve constancy and order. Roosevelt stopped Europeans countries from intruding Latin America which became known as “Roosevelt Corollary.” The Dominican Republic was one of the first chances that the Roosevelt Corollary could be used. Roosevelt created an American receivership distributing revenues to foreign creditors and taking control of Dominican duties. Cuba gained political independence in 1902 which the U.S. granted if they agreed to the Platt Amendment. This amendment allowed the United States to stop foreign countries from trying to capture the new nation. 2. World War I began in 1914 and was a shock to the U.S but the United States chose to stay neutral up until 1917. President Wilson wanted to stay out of European conflict. The war was helping U.S. industries in 1915 because of the demand of ammunition United States Western Allies had. For two and a half years he made no preparations for the war and kept the military small. The U.S. came up with a policy of non-interventionism that tried to negotiate peace and elude conflict. Being neutral was supported among the German Americans, Irish Americans, and
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