A Field Trip At The San Diego Museum Of Man

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I remember when I was in grade school we went on a field trip to the San Diego Museum of Man. It was such an interesting field trip. I remember our tour guide telling us about evolution and how there was a theory that us humans were once primates. Then I remember meeting her. They brought us to a room where there was a partial skeleton in a glass container. There was Lucy. I was told she was the first of her species to be discovered. She must have made a very large print in the theory of evolution. Ever since my trip to the museum and meeting Lucy, I have been fascinated with the whole idea of evolution. According to a journal entry written by W.J. Bock, he says evolution is the general notion that living organisms descended down from a common ancestor (2007:89). Over the past few weeks I have done extensive research and explored the theory of evolution. My findings have suggested that because of scientific discoveries such as fossils, natural selection, and taxonomy, evolution has made a significantly strong case. Most of the research found to support the idea of evolution is in fossils. With the discovery of these fossils, scientists are able to date them and categorize when each lived relative to one another. For example, with the discovery of Ardi. As learned from our textbook, Essentials of Physical Anthropology, Ardi was the first creature to be significantly similar to both ape and human (2016:262). According to an academic journal entry by Bernard Wood and Brian G.

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