A Fight For Electric Vehicles

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A Fight for Electric Vehicles is A Fight for Our Future 2050 is the year the ozone is expected to have a judgement of its own. If we, the people of the world can significantly reduce pollution, then by the year 2050 the Ozone Layer should be restored back to natural levels. If we keep on polluting at the pace we are at, then we can see our Ozone Layer disappear by the year 2050. I am in love with this planet, and it hurts me to know that my grandchildren might not have the same earth that I have been blessed with experiencing. I know that we, the people of this planet, cannot overturn the wrongs that we have done to this planet, but we can take steps in the right direction to fix the mess we have made. I think a large step in the right direction would be killing out gasoline powered cars, and slowly making electric car the more popular vehicle. Electric cars are more expensive to buy and maintain, and they require a special charging port to charge. Gas station are more accessible. Electric fueled cars do not pollute the air and are a better choice for the sake of the environment. Although electric cars may cost more and require a special charge, they do not pollute the air and are more energy efficient. Taking a step towards electric cars is taking an even bigger step towards saving the environment. The first electric car was created in 1834 by Thomas Davenport, but was made without a rechargeable battery. Electric vehicles were the vehicle of choice in the late 1800’s, “In
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