A Fight Involving Two Women And An Unfaithful Lover May

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A fight involving two women and an unfaithful lover may seem like an eventful but otherwise ordinarily entertaining plot in an alternative rock or indie-pop music video, but this scene that takes place in alt-J 's music video, Breezeblocks, is more than simply attention-grabbing. The fight scene shown in the video is striking as it is slowed down and shown in reverse order instead of chronologically, which intensifies the events that play out. Directed by Ellis Bahl, the Breezeblocks music video connects the viewer to the somber message of the song 's lyrics which describe the sometimes destructive lengths that love may drive people to, but also brings attention to how flawed the assumptions we have of others are when we base our opinions…show more content…
Showing the order of events in this way first allows the viewer to assume that the man murdered the other woman in a fit of rage, and may even invoke sympathy for the woman who might be recognized initially as a familiar victim of domestic abuse. But as the video continues, the viewer realizes the man 's deadly actions were a form of self-defense and it was, in fact, the murdered woman who seems to have brought about her own tragic fate by tying up the man 's wife and attacking him with a knife. This altercation is shown in this unique order to make the viewer aware of how easily society 's gender roles may affect our initial perception of actions like we see in the music video. At first glance, the viewer most likely assumes that the man is the perpetrator and the woman is the victim because men are often associated with violence and power in society, while women tend to be associated with vulnerability and submission. The music video acts as a dark reminder of how flawed these assumptions might be, and that society 's ideas about how people ought to act are not always accurate. By revealing the problematic nature of society 's idea of gender, the music video separates itself from the traditionally hyper-sexualized or gender specific expectations that many images exemplify. The music video directly intends to make the viewer aware of society 's gender norms, while it 's absence of sexuality purposefully fails to follow many of society 's expectations; this has

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