A Film Analysis Of The Movie Gothika

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After watching Gothika in class, I had mixed emotions on it at first, but later realized that I enjoyed this film for many reasons. This was the first time I’ve watched the film Gothika and I can say I was very intrigued mainly because of the suspension the film had. I knew this film was going to be dark in a way from the beginning because of the greyness of the background and the music it started with. There were some parts of the film that had me on the edge of my seat like when Miranda was being visited by the ghost of Rachel. Scenes like that are the ones I enjoy the most because I am curious as to what happens next so I think the film did a great job in that aspect. There were also scenes that did not add up and made me even more confused than I already was. For example, at the end of the film when Miranda and Chloe were out of the mental hospital, that did not really make sense to me. Nonetheless, I think Gothika was a good movie that had me interested the entire time.
Halle Berry, who played Miranda Grey, did an amazing job throughout the film. In the beginning of the film when Miranda was asking Chloe questions, you can see that Miranda had no emotion to the answers Chloe was giving her even though her experience was horrific, but that was how she was supposed to act. Even though Halle was playing a psychiatrist, she didn’t really believe what Chloe was saying and was just taking notes. Halle played a great psychiatrist in the beginning of the film and a great patient throughout the film. I like how Halle was acting when she was possessed because she played the part well and I thought it was quite believable. I also really enjoyed Penelope Cruz’s acting in this film. Penelope played the character of Chloe, a prisoner, who killed her stepfather because he would rape her. Penelope’s acting was so good I would believe she was a real prisoner and that she was really crazy. In the end of the film, Chloe was so much better because she wasn’t being raped anymore and she was back to normal which I think made a good ending to her story. I think overall, the characters were played by great actors who made it a more enjoyable movie for me. Gothika was very grey throughout the film most likely to emphasize

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