A Film Analysis of Leon: The Professional

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This is a movie about a professional killer, or "Cleaner", named Léon played by Jean Reno, and his unlikely interaction with a 12-year old girl, Mathilda played by Natalie Portman. Mathilda's family is murdered by corrupt Drug Enforcement Agents (DEA) lead by Agent Stansfield played by Gary Oldman. Agent Stansfield, is portrayed as a drug addict, mentally unstable and an overtly violent and corrupt law enforcement team leader. This movie follows the relationship of the two main characters from the time Léon saves Mathilda's life against his better judgment. This event causes both of their lives to take a detour that ends up giving meaning to both of their existences. She is trapped living in a dysfunctional family environment with an…show more content…
This was also tested the night he took Mathilda in. While contemplating his situation after Mathilda went to sleep he attached a silencer on one of his guns and walked into the bedroom. He put the gun to Mathilda's head for a moment then somewhat frustrated he changed his mind and returned to the living room. Léon's adherence to this "rule" establishes that he does have at least some moral standards and that they are stronger than his desire to avoid this situation that could put him in danger of being discovered. The ensuing story focuses on the bond these two develop with the secondary story of how Mathilda discovers her families killers and her attempt to exact revenge for her little brothers murder. Léon has to rescue Mathilda, protect her from an all out assault from the law enforcement team, and eventually sacrifices himself in order to ensure that she is safe. Analysis At the beginning of the movie we see that Mathilda is physically and psychologically abused by her family. Her father slaps her for no apparent reason other than he wants to establish his place in directing her life. He tells her to go do her homework. When she responds that she's already done it he slaps her and tells her to go inside and clean the apartment. Then after realizing that she was smoking in the hallway he tells
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