A Film “Glory Road”, Based On A True Story Features A Coach,

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A film “Glory Road”, based on a true story features a coach, Don Haskins, who is a basketball coach for the Western Texas Miners. The movie takes place in 1965, Haskin is going against the society’s standards of leading African Americans players to play basketball in college. At the beginning of the movie, Don Haskin struggles to build a good basketball team because no players want to play at a no name school. He doesn’t care about skin color like the society does, but instead, he wants to recruit good players and he looked around for African-American basketball players because he wants to win the NCAA finals and he knew they wouldn 't get recruited and he had limited scholarship offers. In one scene, Haskins is being interviewed by a…show more content…
Haskin’s team was the first team in history to have an all black starting lineup.
In the middle of the movie, Haskin’s team is traveling to play in the NCAA tournament. At the airport, he is stopped by a reporter and he asks why he is playing so many African American players. He says, “you 're playing a lot of color boys, are you concern whether the Negro players can handle the pressure at the national level?" The reporter is implying how a team with mostly only African American players can’t win the championship. In addition, he asked if they are smart enough to handle the mental strain they’ll face in the tournament. Haskin looks displease when the reporter asked him this question. He answered this question, saying his team is just the same as any other team in the league. By asking the question if the African American can handle at the national level, demonstrates they are not smart enough to handle the mental strains. The African American athletes were only shown for their physique because they were only capable of playing great basketball. Coach Haskin didn’t care if they were smart, he was determined to win the championship and wanted raw talents. The African American were tools to win the championship. The interviewer may see them as physically fit, but not mentally strong to handle the tournament.
In the same scene, Haskin talks to the Kentucky coach. He has the best team in the nation and is expected to win the championship. The Kentucky

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