A Fishbone Demographic Improvement Project

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According to Nelson, Batalden and Godfrey (2007) a fishbone diagram is a scientific tool that are utilized to provide a visual representation of the causes of an effect in order to further guide improvement projects. The fishbone diagram can be used to establish a plan-do-study-act (PDSA) cycle. The diagram is shaped like a fish skeleton with spine and bones. The big bones are the major causes. In my diagram (attached), the causes are: environment, nursing staff, process, and education. The specific causes and contributing factors are attached to the big spines by smaller bones. See diagram for the multiple specific contributing factors. According to Simmonds (2013) fishbone diagrams are useful when completing root cause analysis, which are used…show more content…
According to Nelson, Batalden and Godfrey (2007) the action plan is a list of tasks that need to be accomplished to achieve the desired effect of the improvement project. It is updated as task is completed. A Gantt chart is a horizontal bar chart that assists in managing the task of the action plan. It helps track the length of time needed to complete a task, who is completing the task and when it is completed. Below is the action plan for my improvement project: Plan (To be completed between March 6th-March 27th) • Determine performance measures (Project implementer) • Complete literature review (Project implementer) • Determine data collection tool to be utilized (Project implementer) • Construct plan outline for improvement project (Project implementer) Do (To be completed between April 3rd – May 12th) • Record number of nightly awakenings (Nursing staff) • Record number of as needed sleep medications administered nightly (Nursing staff) • Complete in-service on sleep promotion in hospitalized patients (Nursing staff) • Complete in-service post-quiz with score of 80% or higher (Nursing
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