A Five Year Marketing Plan For Tulip Clothing

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1. Executive Summary
This five-year marketing plan for Tulip Clothing has been created to secure additional funding for growth and to inform employees of the company’s current status and direction. Although Tulip was launched in the UAE only three years ago, the firm has experienced greater-than-anticipated demand for its products, and research has shown that the target market of sport-minded consumers and sports retailers would like to buy more casual clothing than Tulip currently offers. In addition, Tulip plans to explore opportunities for online sales. The marketing environment has been very receptive to the firm’s high-quality goods - casual clothing in trendy colours with logos and slogans that reflect the interests of outdoor
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By forming strong relationships with consumers, retailers, and suppliers of fabric and other goods and services, Tulip believes it can create a sustainable competitive advantage over its rivals. No other clothing company can say to its customers with as much conviction “Let’s Rock!”.
5. Situation Analysis
The marketing environment for Tulip represents overwhelming opportunities. It also contains some challenges that the firm believes it can meet successfully. A SWOT analysis of the company highlights Tulip’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Drawing the right conclusions from a SWOT analysis is the most important purpose of performing the analysis (Kotler 2009).
Tulip’s dedicated founders understand the target market and product.
Tulip has achieved distribution in several markets with quick acceptance.
Tulip has very little debts with great potential for growth.
Tulip works with a single manufacturer, allowing high quality control levels.
Tulip’s founders may lose sight of the potential scope of the business.
A limited number of consumers around UAE are aware of the Tulip brand.
The firm has limited cash flow.
Tulip relies on a single manufacturer which limits the production capacity if the firm wants to expand.
Tulip’s loyal customers are likely to buy more products.
Gaps exist in the UAE market that can be filled with new products such as customized clothing items and luggage.
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