A Five Year Plan For Register Nurses

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A Five Year Plan for Register Nurses
Mary Carnahan
HA 302 – Management of Human Resources
November 22, 2016

Introduction Being hired as the Director of Human Resource Management for a large health care organization, my company has an overall shortage of registered nurses. Using the concepts learned in this course, construct a five-year plan for recruiting new RNs into the organization while retaining the RNs already employed. Specific questions to address include:
•What are the qualifications needed for RNs? Are there specific educational or clinical experience requirements?
•What is the average salary for RNs in your region?
•What recruitment strategies will be used to hire new RNs?
•What legal concerns will you need to keep in mind during the recruitment and hiring process?
•What onboarding techniques would you use to make for a smooth transition to the new position?
•What management philosophies and practices do you think should be implemented in order to make sure the new hires RNs and current RN employees are satisfied in their positions and are less likely to leave?
•What retention strategies will be used to specifically keep the current RNs at the health care organization?
•How will you conduct performance appraisals to find out how the new RNs are doing in their new positions? How will these appraisals differ from those given to current RN employees?
•Explain how you would work with RN unions to effectively manage union employees?

What are the
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