A Formal Definition Of Curriculum

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A formal definition of curriculum refers to the means and materials with which students will interact for the purpose of achieving identified educational outcomes and its purpose is to prepare the student to thrive with the society as it is (Ebert, Ebert, & Bentley, 2013). Curriculum is a very important piece of education and how it is defined determines the influence it can have over the experiences of the students. It goes deeper than just deciding what to teach and encompasses more than just the academic side of a student’s education. Planned or unplanned curriculum can affect many different areas of students’ lives whether they realize it or not and in places they would not have imagined. There are several different types of curriculum; explicit, delivered, learned, hidden, and null. These are found at work in most educational settings (Ebert, Ebert, & Bentley, 2013). These different curriculums work together to give students experiences at many different levels.
Explicit curriculum looks at what is being taught. It is what stands out or is obvious, which is why it is called explicit. This type of curriculum can often be identified as the mission statement of the school and addresses what knowledge and other types of skills the school wants its students to achieve or acquire. The objectives in this type of curriculum are measurable and observable. It is also called the intended or formal curriculum because it is what the school has officially adopted…
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