A Formal Measure That Can Be Utilized Is The Right Hemisphere Language Battery

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To assess this patient, a formal measure that can be utilized is the Right Hemisphere Language Battery – Second Edition (RHLB-2). The RHLB-2 provides information on the patient regarding their communicative functions that are disturbed by their RHD, and therefore would be an appropriate formal measure for the evaluation and assessment. The RHLB-2 is a comprehensive assessment, which includes seven subtests. This test will provide diagnostic information on metaphor comprehension or spoken and written language, knowledge of inferred meaning, humor, and “production of emphatic stress.” “The lexical semantic subtest will assess the patients ability to pair verbal words to its matching picture.” (Brookshire & McNeil, 2015). The connectionist model describes the different areas of the brain and how they process particular types of information (Brookshire & McNeil, 2015). We have a greater understanding of left hemispheric damage. For example, if an individual has damage to their posterior-inferior third frontal gyrus of the left hemisphere, they will present with Broca’s aphasia, which evidences as motor planning deficits. While scientists and researchers have a general understanding of what the right hemisphere is responsible for, we have yet to understand specific areas precise responsibilities. Generally, we recognize the right hemisphere is responsible for behavior and cognition, perception, recognition and expression, attention, and pragmatic communication (Brookshire &
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