A Formalist Approach On A Short Story

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LATE PASS Michael Wraa Professor Joyce Heyman English 110 15 February 2015 A Formalist Approach to a Short Story There are so many different things one can learn from reading a story. Stories vary in length but it seems that your appetite for reading will gauge the kind of stories you elect to read. People who enjoy long thought out complex reading will enjoy much longer published works than what a short story has to offer. However there is a large population in the world of people who do not want to spend days on end reading a novel that is several hundred pages long and takes days to convey a simple message. In fact, many people want just the opposite in their reading. Many readers want a story that is short, sweet, and to the point. Something that they don’t need to spend hours or weeks on end reading but instead can get the exact same message or meaning from instead of having to spend a ridiculous amount of time reading a much larger work. Authors often want readers use the Formalist approach when reading these short stories as authors use words to convey the same message or meaning in less text than a much longer published work with hundreds of pages, it does this by using the text itself as a canvas for creativity. The Formalist approach is a great tool when it comes to writing short stories, and its use in Good Country People by Flannery O’Connor is classic example of how the Formalist Approach can be so effective in such a short story. Authors are incredibly

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