A Formula for Using Alternative Energy to Reduce Global Oil Dependency

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Introduction It is an indisputable fact that oil resources are diminishing across the globe. The demand for oil is increasing in countries that are benefitting from the shift in manufacturing and services to underdeveloped countries. In order to maintain particular standards of oil-dependent living, nation states establish unbalanced trade arrangements which contribute to global disharmony. The continued use of oil in its many applications is a dominant cause of air and water pollution, which is substantially contributing to global warming. Only by reducing mankind's dependence on oil can these issues be constructively addressed. Alternative forms of energy are the rational solution for reducing global oil dependency, which will result in positive changes to the global environment and to global political affairs. Oil reserves are not a renewable resource, dependent as they are on the planet-forming forces that constitute a cycle that take eons to complete. Predictions about how long global oil supplies will last are made every few years. In 1999, the American Petroleum Institute estimated that global supplies of oil would be depleted sometime between 2062 and 2094 (Owen, et al, 2010). This estimate was based on an oil consumption rate of 80 million barrels per day, and reserve levels at 1.4 trillion and 2 trillion barrels, respectively (Owen, et al, 2010). In 2004, estimates were changed to reflect the increased consumption of oil, which was shifted up to about 85

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