A Forrest Of Team Leadership

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A Forrest of Team Leadership
There once was a forest filled with many critters of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Of those creatures, Billy and Bobby young twin brother fawns. The fawns played with each other and explored as much as possible. The youngsters couldn’t help but find themselves wandering off from their mother. Mother deer would call the boys and have to go out to find them to make sure they were safe.
After many incidents of running off, the foals found themselves lost and out of sight of their mother and unable to hear her. They had run off to a place they had never been before and didn’t know the way back to Mother. Suddenly, the youngsters felt scared as they realized what a mistake they had made that now they were lost and separated from their mother.
Billy and Bobby began to cry when suddenly Rufus the old rabbit came by. “What is wrong little ones?” asked Rufus. “We are lost and can’t find Mother!” cried Billy and Bobby. Rufus the rabbit offered to help the boys find Mother. “I may be small, but I am wise.” Said Rufus. “Do not worry little ones I will help deliver you home safely!” “Yay!” shouted Billy and Bobby. Rufus began explaining to the boys a plan and asking them if they had ideas to share. Billy’s job would be to find food for the creatures, and Bobby’s job was to listen for potential danger of strangers. Rufus would lead the boys to where they last recalled seeing Mother. “What if we cannot find her?” a scared Billy asked. “Do not…
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