A Fossil Free California Really

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A Fossil Free California… Maybe Dr. Dan Jacobson a Professor at Stanford University has presented what he calls a “roadmap” to getting California to be run completely on renewable sources of energy by 2050. No “clean coal”, no natural gas, no nuclear, no biofuels, and no new hydroelectric. The golden state would be powered by wind, water, solar, geothermal, among a few others. And although i would love nothing more than to see california running completely on renewables by 2050. I think a transition completely off of fossil fuels cannot happen soon enough. Fossil fuels are toxic, hazardous to transport, disastrous to dig out of the ground and contribute to an accelerated warming of the planet. Jacobson notes that his map will create over 200,000 net 40 year jobs, reduce mortalities associated with air quality, and significantly cut worldwide carbon dioxide emissions. I do not disagree with any of these facts, becoming completely fossil fuel independent will lead to better health for ourselves, the earth, and the economy. think Dr. Jacobson makes some vital errors in neglecting to mention the much needed energy paradigm shift and in not addressing the issues associated with production of the renewable energy components. California is projected to use 280 GigaWatts of power by 2050 and see a population increase of thirty-five percent. 280 GW’s is a lot of power, currently all of the wind turbines in the world combined are capable of producing just under 300 GW’s
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