A Fragile Life Is A Story Of An African American Middle Class Family

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A fragile life is a story of an African American upper- middle-class family, who struggle with the metal illness, bipolar disorder, of their only child Mark. Mark id a graduate student of Germantown, Pennsylvania and holds a Master Degree from the University of Southern California. All the way up to college, his parents supported and gave Mark the best education to help them succeed in life. Regardless of all their efforts and good education, nothing could stop him from having psychotic episodes that will later on turn in to jail time. During early childhood Mark was a quiet child and enjoyed winter season, first years when on without any signs of mental distress but around two years old he began to have night terrors. Doctors explained his parents that this stage in normal and it should pass soon but around 5 years old he began to sleep walk forcing his parents to put inside the house security locks. Although he grew up during the oppression time, he didn’t face much discrimination with the exception of an incident when he as three years of age and admission was denied because of his race. Mark always show a high level of intelligence and sometimes was considered as disruption to the class as he will always answers the questions asked. Keep in mind that both of his parents were well-educated and professionally employed (compared to his classmates parents). Because of his behavior he was often sit in the corner quietly. His parents didn’t tolerate the teaches response to

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