A Frame Work For Control Of Gird Connected Wind Power Using Two Layer Control

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A FRAME WORK FOR CONTROL OF GIRD CONNECTED WIND POWER USING TWO LAYER CONTROL V.Sarath Kumar1 , Ch.Rajya Lakshmi 2 , D.Rupesh3, K.PrudhviRaju4, Ch.PrasanthKumar5, K.Manasa6, A.Jawahar7 1-7Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Sanketika Institute of Technology and Management, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India Email – vsarat1981@gmail.com (This is for example - Authors can use subtitles/contents as per their research work) Introduction: (11Bold) Materials: 1. Introduction In recent years with growing concerns over carbon emission and uncertainties in fossil fuel supplies, there is an increasing interest in clean and renewable electrical energy generation. Among various renewable…show more content…
A wind farm supervisory control (WFSC) is developed to generate the active power reference to the RSC and GSC. WTG controllers then regulate each DFIG wind turbine to generate the desired amount of active power, where the deviations between the available wind energy input and desired active power output are compensated by the ESS. Simulation is done in Matlab for the grid connected wind farm, the wind farm consists of 15 DFIG wind turbines each with 4MW capacity at different and constant wind speeds. A constant active power Pref is taken at 38MW which can be specified by the grid operator and the wind farm has to supply this constant active power. Simulation results are studied for the active power supplied by wind farm with and without Energy Storage System (ESS). Here we can observe that with ESS the active power supplied by wind farm is almost constant. 2. Doubly-Fed Induction Generator Systems For variable-speed systems with limited variable-speed range, e.g. ±30% of synchronous speed, the DFIG can be an interesting solution. As mentioned earlier the reason for this is that power electronic converter only has to handle a fraction (20–30%) of the total power. This means that the losses in the power electronic converter can be reduced

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