A Framework For Teaching Offers Educators

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According to Danielson (2011), “a framework for teaching offers educators a means of communicating about teaching and allows those conversations to guide novices as well as to enhance the performance of veterans” (p. 6). Informal and formal observations give teachers great opportunities to get feedback about how instructional efforts can be effective. In addition, Darling – Hammond (2013) underlines that “evaluation process supports reflection on practice, collaboration with colleagues in a meaningful way, and improvement of student learning” (p.50). Growth Through Learning Module 1 defines both formal and informal observations as tools to evaluate teacher practice. Moreover, observations are ways for evaluators to collect evidence about teacher professional practice (http://growththroughlearningillinois.org). PART ONE: Pre-and Post-Conversations, Teachers Strengths, and Areas for Growth Based on the pre-conference/conversation with both teachers, the observer was able to have an idea of what will happen in classrooms regarding themes, targets, and activities. The content areas for the informal observations were Chinese 1 and Spanish 2. Chinese 1 covered the theme time. Chinese teacher chose two major targets for students: indicating the time of the day by using the time expressions and exchanging information about time within different contexts. Spanish 2 introduced the new grammar structure future tense. The major targets for this class were identifying the occupations
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