A Framework For The Data Collection And Its Analysis Essay

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. A framework for the data collection and its analysis has been recognised in order to answer the research questions, as well as to achieve the targeted objectives by validating certain methods of sourcing, collecting and analysing the data (Saunders & Thornhill, 2012). The study on the basis of the literature has shown that the research goals would be achieved more efficiently with the quantitative method. Whereas, the literature reviewed has revealed an objective need for numeric data that is necessary in a greater extent due to its absence, rather than non-numeric data. The quantitative method allows to assess the influence of the identified factors by the end-user, which haspermitted to build a consumer behaviour model. Ultimately, the variables were identified on the basis of the literature studied. 3.2 Research philosophy and approach The aims and objectives were fulfilled in order to develop a research philosophy. We may define it as “an over-arching term relating to the development of knowledge and the nature of that knowledge” (Saunders & Thornhill, 2012). A deductive approach has been used for the research. This was done due to the fact that the theoretical framework has been defined in advanced, which was followed by testing the previously outlined theories.(Saunders & Thornhill, 2012)Additionally, Positivism has been selected as a Philosophy for the following study, as it allowed the author to research and assess the situation on the basis of objective data
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