A Free And Equal Health Care System

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When we look at our health care in Canada, we see a free and equal health care system. To a Canadian who was born and raised here, lives in a stable middle class and is surrounded by a good environment, it is mostly true. For those people who do not relate to those aspects of living it is a much different experience dealing with the health care system. When we look at groups of people such as the low income groups, the aboriginals, and the immigrants, we will see how inequalities to accessing health care are there. What does health inequalities mean? We have a choice if we want to live a healthy life, but those choices differ from the way we live. Economic, environmental and racial inequality affect the way you can live a healthy life.…show more content…
Looking into these factors we will see the effects they have on inequality in relation to health care. Social Status There is a major difference in your health based on your social status. Your social class has a great impact on your physical health, how you will receive medical care, and your life expectancy. It is a known fact that all around the world, as well as Canada, those people with low income commonly have the worst health. They experience a much lower form of care, even though they have a high rate of health issues. In a report done by the Toronto Public Health called Unequal City: Income and Health Inequalities in Toronto, they reported that “Low income groups in Toronto often have worse health. For the most recent years of data analyzed, 20 of the 34 health status indicators assessed for this report showed significant health inequities where low income groups had worse health” (Ingen, Khandor, Fleiszer). The average of 20 out of 34 just shows us how much of low income people take up of poor health. This is happening because they are constantly dealing with daily struggles. Having to overcome so many barriers leads to chronic stress. Research done by showed that “chronic and uncontrolled stress and strain can weaken people’s immune systems, making them more vulnerable to disease and illness.” This stress usually leads to overeating, alcohol, and many more. Jobs are a significant aspect of health inequality faced
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