A Frozen Flower Character Analysis

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Tragedy Throughout time there has been many movies depicting what some would call, tragedies: Titanic, The Fault In Our Stars, generally every film created based off any Nicholas Sparks novel, and every play created by Shakespeare. Even with these so-called tragedies, one specific film seems to come into mind automatically when reading the requirements given by Aristotle of what makes a tragedy a true tragedy. In Aristotle's own words, a tragedy is a mix of six things: plot, characters, diction, thought, spectacle, and melody. (pg. 71) A tragedy is a drama piece, a play, that initiations pity and fear (pg.74), something that I think A Frozen Flower did for any viewer. Taking a place during the Goryeo dynasty in Korea, A Frozen Flower depicts a love triangle between the king, his queen, and the general of his elite bodyguards. Unlike most love triangles, the king and captain are not fighting for the love of the queen, but the queen and king both are in love with the military commander. When the king and queen are pressured to produce an heir after an attack on his throne, the king has his loyal general Hong-Lim, the man he has been in love with since Hong-Lim’s training as a young adolescent, to be the one who procreate the heir with the queen. This leads to Hong-Lim developing feelings for his queen and having to hide his true intentions from the king. Seemingly every choice the characters made about their relationships turns out to be the wrong one and propels their
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