A Full Analysis of Auschwitz

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This concentration camp would kill over one million people. Auschwitz will be fully analyzed, starting with the early stages of Auschwitz, then the Jews and the horrors of Auschwitz, and finally the final days of Auschwitz. The events that took place at Auschwitz concentration camp are very horrifying and lead to the death of millions. Auschwitz was founded as a German concentration camp on April 27, 1940. The camp served as a Polish artillery base before the camp was formed in southwestern Poland. The direct reasoning for Auschwitz being formed was to quarantine over ten thousand Poles that were arrested and have them do forced labor (Laqueur and Tydor 32). Rudolf Hoss was selected to be the head of the camp. Hoss was the youngest sergeant in the German army during World War I, but did not hold a high rank when he was chosen for the job at Auschwitz (Laqueur and Tydor 34).
At first Auschwitz was a very small camp that had buildings, called “blocks” that couldn’t hold very many prisoners (Laqueur and Tydor 34). Auschwitz may have been a small camp that only held 15,000 to 20,000 prisoners and produced synthetic rubber and fuel but there were big plans in store for this camp (Auschwitz Museum). Hoss and the…
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