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I was born at 8:47 pm, November 22, 2003 at Overlake Hospital in Seattle, Washington. My dad was studying at the University of Washington for a masters degree in business and my mom was working at Microsoft. We lived in Bellevue, Washington near Lake Sammamish. My sister Libby was born in 2007 in Seattle. In February 2009, we moved to San Jose, California. I started school at Dilworth Elementary in August 2009. My brother Adam was born in the spring of 2011. During third grade, I moved to Los Altos and went to Montclaire Elementary. In the middle of fifth grade, My family and I moved to Israel for four months. It was a fun experience and I really enjoyed it. I have many hobbies and things that I am interested in. I have been playing tennis…show more content…
School comes with seeing all of your friends and having fun at brunch and lunch. It comes with after school sports and fun new electives. However, school comes with homework that takes up all the rest of your day and test that you have to study for. It assigns long-term projects that stress you out and long boring essays that are due at the end of the week. Worst of all, it comes with the alarm clock ringing at 6:30 in the morning, waking you up after the summer when you get to sleep in all you want. As you can see, school has nice and annoying characteristics that come about with it.
If I was described by five adjectives they would be smart, funny, friendly, athletic, and random. I would be called smart because I am good at most subjects at school. I am also funny because I always know how to make people laugh and I always tell jokes. Additionally, I am friendly because I like making new friends and staying in touch with older friends. My friends would call me athletic because whenever anybody is playing a sport I always ask if I can join in. Finally, I am random because at some points I am calm and in the other super hyper and
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