A Function Of Corporate Governance

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What is IT Governance? A function of corporate governance, information technology (IT) governance ensures the alignment of IT with business goals and value delivery through the use of investments. This means that there must be a clear understanding of what the business strategy is, in order to align the IT strategy with the business strategy. IT governance provides clarity between the business strategy and the IT initiatives, drawing the links between business objectives and project objectives. However, it is not enough to create the links, so it additionally provides clarity through the preparation of a business case for each initiative, in order to show how the project will improve the organizations business capabilities. From their it attains agreement on priorities as a group looking at the entire enterprise, by making a determination as to what initiatives to continue with and which of these they should finish first. Ultimately they must understand the resources necessary to accomplish the initiatives. Through good governance the organization establishes priorities on both human and financial resources. There are many definitions out their on IT governance, but they all show a similarity that IT governance is not merely the responsibility of the IT department, but also the responsibility of the Board of Directors and executive management within an organization. It is the role of management to implement the necessary systems and IT controls which the organization
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