A Fundamental Rule Of Networks

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At the very beginning of Chapter 15, Morillo states that “ A fundamental rule about networks is that they carry far more than just material goods”. The whole period that Morillo calls the Late Agrarian Era (1500-1800) explores this idea that goods inevitably come with ideas and cultural practices attached to them. They have the ability to enter any cultural environment and change it completely. In this chapter Morillo divides the commodities into groups, and the three groups of commodities that I am going to discuss include “ The Columbian Exchange”, “High value luxury goods ” and “Human Commodities(slave trade)”
The Columbian Exchange occurred when Columbus came to the Americas.The exchange involved a transaction between the American and Afro-Eurasian hemispheres, this transaction involved an swap in plants, animals, technology and culture. He also initiated a vast exchange in microbial, flora, fauna, and people. The most devastating part of this exchange was the introduction crowd diseases. Crowd diseases were common in human populations that herded animals, the indigenous American population did not partake in any animal herding. This exchange of disease came to the America’s and spread faster than it did in Europe. Because of the diseases the Mexican population reduced from over 20 million to less than 1 million and and the Peruvian population dropped from 8 million to less than a million. There was a lot of controversies about the foods that were spreading…
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