A Future Chief Executive Officer

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Thought experiment #2 Carley Hansbrough
As a future Chief Executive Officer there are several things I would want to strategize after viewing the video concerning the financial economy. There is massive change that is going to hit our economy. We have to prepare and create solutions to defeat disaster that is head towards us. The Accelerated Crash Course presented by Chris Martenson, reviews three things in vast detail concerning our natural inhabitants and our economic standing. These three things are: Economy, energy, and environment. These three E’s show how our world will soon be in a downturn. With our global economy and many others suffering from major debt we are not able to achieve a logical way to dissolve our own debt.
There are four parts that he discussed which make up the economy and that has brought us to the changes that have occurred. Exponential profit growth in our economy has lost it value because of the way many view the dollar bill today. There are many that see it as being readily available and in our current state it is not. Exponential growth can be described as things that grow over time such as stocks and bonds. Money can be described as an entitlement to something however, not wealth. The perceived value of money will either have inflation or deflation. The amount of money that is being created is causing the value of it to decrease. We must bring more value back to our money system and this will cause growth throughout our economy. The…
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