A Future Trend in Crisis Intervention (Mental Health and Crisis Intervention Bshs471)

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A Future Trend in Crisis Intervention
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Mental Health and Crisis Interventions
BSHS 471

A Future Trend in Crisis Intervention
As the population in the United States continues to climb the need for human services professionals does the same. Human service agencies are often face the dilemmas of being over-worked and under paid. Professionals in this field are often prone to burnout because of these dilemmas. Sadly, human service agencies are often the first to experience budget cuts. These budget cuts affect the human service professional’s organization, facility, coworkers, pay, clients, and their personal
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This natural ability paired with his or her training will make them competent to handle crisis. Incidentally, there will also be those who pursue the human service paraprofessional career field for the wrong reasons and they will not be able to be affective while assisting those in crisis. These individuals could potentially cause more harm than good for the client or clients in crisis. This especially applies in the case of suicide. The following quote supports this idea.
Suicide does not generally come without warning. Almost always, persons considering it show symptoms or provide clues to their intent. It is important, however, for crisis workers to know how to read these and be able to distinguish between myth and reality. (Kanel, 2003, p. 76)
Trend Challenges
Ineffective workers exist in every career field. The difference may be that with a paraprofessional opportunity people may view it as a “quick-fix” for a good job. These types of workers are hard to identify until he or she begins working directly with clients. At this point it may be hard or even impossible to identify and intervene on possible ineffective approaches used by the paraprofessional. During crisis, there will likely not be a second chance at proper intervention.
Paraprofessionals will likely have direct supervision from professional clinicians. This will help ensure the quality of services being rendered as well as a reference point for the paraprofessional to

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