A Gap of Sky Essay

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Written assignment 5 Life as a teenager isn’t always as easy as it seems. Actually it is the most difficult part in life for many people which we get to see in Anna Hope’s short story “A gap of sky”. Some choose to focus on education whereas other choose alcohol and partying. Whatever path people would choose they all will be lead to the right path in the end no matter what has happened in the past. It just takes time. The short story shows us that even when you have had a rough time in the past you can always come out to be a beautiful and great person however you have to do the right things when the time comes. Furthermore even though you feel lonely or sad you just have to make some adjustments in your life which is manageable if you…show more content…
In the beginning when she has just woke up the setting at Ellie’s place was unpleasant due to her feeling bad because of the drugs and alcohol, but also because of her feeling bad about herself in general. The short story contains some very clear symbols. When Ellie is out looking for some ink to buy, she suddenly notices that there is a clock on top of a building which makes her laugh. To be precise she laughs at time in general, because of how she thinks the clock is slicing and serving the day. In addition to that she enters a museum that has an exhibition about life and death which Ellie finds very unpleasant. “’Living and Dying’ reads the plaque on the wall of the hall. ’How different cultures cope with the realities of Life and Death.’ Ellie’s not sure she’s ready to cope with dead. […] Ellie’s head is throbbing and her skull feels as though it might split open and she really feels as though she might die. And what will happen to her, if she dies?” (p. 4) She feels like she isn’t ready to die because of her short-duration life. She doesn’t think she has done everything that she would like to. Although she herself confesses that life can be a bit extreme sometimes she isn’t really sure about which path she should take. She’s caught between living an extreme life where she would enjoy her life versus the real life where people get a job and a family and live as a stereotypical family. Another symbol can be the glove
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