A Gap of Sky

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English essay – “A Gap of Sky” Amalie Thomsen Introduction: The title of the short story is “A Gap of Sky” and is written by Anna Hope in 2008. Anna Hope is an English actress and writer. She is from Manchester and was educated at Wadham College, Oxford. The short story is fiction, but could still take place in real life. The main theme is identity formation. Analysis: The story is written with a 3rd persons view: “Ellie reaches a hand out […] She takes the glass, stumbles forward…” The narrator therefor has an omniscient point of view, and knows everything about the main character, Ellie. Characters: In the story we have the main character, Ellie, her friend Toby (who we do not meet, but hear about) and the mother (we do not…show more content…
How the fuck did she manage to sleep for so long?” The negative words have great influence on how the reader understands and interprets the story. The MILJØ becomes very dark, and the whole short story is read in another way than it would have been otherwise. Theme/Message: As I wrote in the introduction, the main theme is identity formation. Ellie is a ‘lost’ teenager who lives her life on coke and other narcotics. She has some problems with her parents, and she blames them for everything: To whom? To what? To why? To God? To Mum? To Dad? Not then especially not them. It was their fault she was doing this bloody course in the first place.” When she suddenly finds the stone she is reminded of her mothers love, and she starts to think about life and her parents. Especially her mothers love is a thing she realizes she has taken for granted. Ellie suddenly sees everything, life, in a new perspective: “It is filled with people, and everyone, everyone Ellie sees has the same substance within them, around them, connecting them, looping between them in great bonds of love.” The title ‘A Gap of Sky’ is specifically chosen and also appears in the story itself: “[…] a gap of sky to her right, an emptiness, a vacancy that she doesn’t remember seeing before, something destroyed, or being built […]” In this beautifully written piece of the story, Ellie discovers she is missing something in her life. Conclusion Ellie er blevet ‘voksen’ og opdager, at hun har taget
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