A Gap of Sky

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A Gap of Sky “A Gap of Sky” is a short story written by Anna Hope. This short story is about a girl named Ellie whose mind is depending on the setting in the story. As the setting changes, Ellie’s mind changes too. The narrator follows Ellie’s thoughts, reflections, actions and observations, which make her seem more reliable and honest with the readers. The narrator of the short story is a third person narrator. Even though the narrator is a third person narrator the readers are still a part of Ellie’s thoughts and her point of view, which is clear because the language of the text is predominately influenced by a vocabulary of a teenage girl. This is clear, because Ellie swears a lot, and she has a teenage way of looking at things.…show more content…
Ellie’s head throbbing and her skull feels as though it might split open and she really feels as though she might die, and what will happen to her, if she dies?”(line 81 – 84) This shows that death concerns her, and she is still too young to deal with it. After this Ellie wants to go outside again, because she can’t handle her thoughts, which shows as well that she feels free outside. As soon as she is outside Ellie is free from her thoughts, which you can see when the narrator says: “Ellie begins to feel a little better. She will not die, after all. So silly!” (line 97) In the health store Ellie is filled with love. She thinks back to a memory with her mother, where she had given her a special stone, and Ellie had not cared about the stone, which she felt bad about. You can tell that Ellie feels bad about not having appreciated the special stone that her mother had given her, when the narrator says: “…, and Ellie had just shoved it away, taken it for granted” (line 111 – 112) “It is filled with people and everyone, everyone Ellie sees has the same substance within them, connecting them, looping between them in great bonds of love.”(line 119 – 121), here it is clear, that when Ellie walks out of the store, she is filled with love, and this gives the end a whole new
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