A Gaping Hole On Generations

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A Gaping Hole in Generations “No Dad its CRTL + ALT + Delete not Escape a hundred times.” “No don’t text that, Aunty. I promise you it doesn’t mean what you think it does!” More and more I feel I have to teach my older family how to live today than they taught me how to live. They taught me the basics but they just do not get how to live in the modern world. Most of this is because of the generation gap as explained in Nancy Gibbs’ article Generation Next. I hugely agree that the generation gap is at an all-time high between my generation, the millennials, and that of my parents and grandparents. Young Americans are forced to be more educated, they feel technology bridges a gap, and while still being conventional the way they are conventional makes the gap even larger. Gibbs states “Young Americans are now more educated… and [yet] less likely to have a job than previous generations.” I agree that Millennials are certainly more educated then previous generations but as a result not having the right education makes it difficult to find a job. My uncle, who is currently 82, was able to quite school in eighth grade in order to find a job to help his father. When he was ready for a career he didn’t need to have a GED or high school diploma to become a pipefitter, he simply interviewed and then learned on the job. Now not only is it required have some sort of official training in order to obtain a career, but the job market is slightly smaller because machines are making doing

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