A Geek And Fourth Generation Student Of Law

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SYNOPSIS: A lanky geek and fourth generation student of law, LEVI HAMILTON IV (23) and fellow law students DONOVAN (23) and MAXELL (23) dance around Levi’s apartment. The fire adolescent quips at each other as they celebrate Levi’s decisions to drop out of law school and pursue his dream of becoming a cartoonist. They head to a Skittlicious Geek Club meeting where Levi acts the master of ceremonies, and the trio performs on stage as the group Nerdy by Nature.

Unfortunately, RAMSEY (55), Levi’s father, finds out about his son’s plans. Ramey storms into Levi’s apartment and confronts him about turning his back on the family legacy. Without telling him, Ramsey cuts off Levi’s access to the family money.

Levi packs his Jeep and heads to Denver for art school and a job promised to him by his friend RILEY (23). Levi arrives to find that Riley has no job for him, and that Riley has no job of his own and no place to live. The two spend some of the little money Levi has and stay the night in a motel. Levi’s troubles build. He cannot register for art school because of outstanding law school debt his father refuses to pay.

As Levi leaves the dean’s office he spots and advertisement for an art contest that could pay his tuition. Levi meets KESTRA CARTWRIGHT (23), art student and his competition in the contest. The two go out to lunch and joke about which will win the contest. Their relationship grows closer as the two continue to date.

Levi’s situation turns for the…

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