Essay about A Gender Debate

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Gender refers to the psychological, social, and cultural differences between males and females. Gender also means the physiological and anatomical differences between the male and female bodies. Most socio-biologists believe differences in sex are a result of differences in the thinking and behavior of men and women. They argue gender identity is formed through socialization. Gender structures every aspect of an individual's life through social relationships and all forms of interaction with society including work.

Marxist writers note that pre-capitalism depended on a working relationship. Men dominated the public sphere while a woman's place was in the private sphere. John Stuart Mill (1869) wrote one of the first political
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Women who do not conform to these ideals, such as lesbians, single women, unmarried mothers, and childfree women are viewed as deviants. Women are also choosing to have children without the support of a husband-father figure (Warren et al 2002).

In the same way as women are expected to be the `angel of the hearth' (Walsh 1997), men are socially expected to be hunter gatherers, providers, and breadwinners because men are viewed as being physically and mentally stronger. Men have different expectations...aspirations... needs. ...My wife needs nurturing, friendship, faithfulness and clothes that fit, whereas I need food, sex...( 29/03/03). However, men are now taking nurturing roles in the family while women more are now more prominent in the workplace. One may see this as a positive advance for women, however: men and women of equivalent training and employment do not receive equal pay ( 26/03/03). Furthermore, since the 1970's the wage gap has widened. Women who started their careers in the 1970's would expect to find a 15% wage gap; in comparison women in the 1990's found a gap of 22% (eironline). The reason is in the types of jobs that women held. For example, there has always been a gap between part time and full time wages. However, that argument does not account for wage
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