A Generous Program: Narcotics Anonymous Program

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If it weren’t for these people being part of this amazing Narcotics Anonymous program I would not be here talking about this kindhearted group of people. My life was a total mess, before it was like if I had no future for myself and felt like my head was not attached to my body. These people in the NA program has been generous the only thing I had to do is have that desire to stop using. The hardest thing for myself to do was being able to enter that meeting for the very first time. When I got to my first NA meeting I could not go inside this small grey building I felt like there was nothing there for me, but at the same time I was too scared to go in. The first time when I entered through these big old white doors I was starting to be really nervous, my heart started pounding so fast it felt like I was having an anxiety attack. Once I was inside the old building I saw people sitting down no these metal chrome frame chairs with a soft cushion on top while being in circle with their fresh hot cup of coffee in their hands. There was also these colored reading cards set on these long white tables in the middles of the room forming a square or more like a diamond whiles the fellow members were sitting down. All the sudden I felt a hand on my shoulder and I looked back slowly to see whose hand was on my shoulder and it was an old using buddy. He did not even asked me what I was doing…
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