A Geographic Location Of Afghanistan

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Geographic Location: Afghanistan is bordered on the north by Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. China lies on the Northeast, Iran by the west and Pakistan on the south and east.
The country’s area is 653,000 sq. km. The Settled population in 2003-2004 according to CSO Estimated Population of Afghanistan Gazetteer amounted almost (20,691,400).
The administrative division of Afghanistan according to Ministry of Interior consists of 34 Provinces and 397 Districts (National Atlas, 1986).

Physical – geographical features: Mountains dominate about three-fourths of the country in the central and eastern part. The Hindukush mountain system stretches from the northeast to the southwest . Smaller mountain ranges adjacent to Hindukush is surrounded by a belt of deserts. Deserts cover the southern and western parts of the country. Sloping towards the north is a loess plateau . It borders the out area of the Kara Kum desert where the lowest point of the country is situated (National Atlas, 1986).

Government and Relevant Historical facts

Exiled Afghan leaders signed the Bonn Agreement in December 2001 . The agreement formed an temporary government with an administration under the Pashtun moderate Hamid Karzai. Karzai was elected president to the Transitional Islamic State of Afghanistan in 2001. His counsel included diverse leaders of the anti-Taliban Northern Alliance. In 2004, a ratification of a new constitution was implemented. It was written by Loya
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