A Giant Among Women Case Analysis Essay

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A Giant Among Women, A Case Study Analysis Through this case study analysis, I will provide you with background information about Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd., the key issues brought up by this dilemma, and an analysis of my recommendations on how to handle these issues. “The environment is intimidating, the service is bad, and they don’t understand my needs. Sometimes, there’s no dressing room, or it’s surrounded by men. It’s just not comfortable.” Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd., one of the largest bicycle manufactures in the world, has set out to improve the bicycler experience for their female consumers and eliminate customer reviews like the one quoted before. The Taiwanese based company has run many retail outlets before, but none…show more content…
Nakamura. A second issue the prevalent in this case is that of employee satisfaction. After putting Bonnie Tu in charge of creating the Liv/Giant brand, and having her begin a strategy toward opening stores in Japan just to take her off of it would be wasted effort and cause some discontent among her team The main issue in this case is to determine which global operations strategy Tony Lo should implement towards the Liv/giant Brand. Allowing global sales subsidiaries to open Liv/giant stores is a multi-domestic strategy that decentralizes operating decisions to the subsidiaries in order to enhance local responsiveness. The advantages of this strategy would allow subsidiaries (such as Mr. Nakamura and the Japan sales organization which had proposed its own detailed business model to how it would operate its Liv/giant store) to maximize competitive responsiveness for local markets. Essentially meaning that a sales force in Japan is more likely to meet the needs of Japanese consumers than that of sales force from Taiwan that won’t fully understand what the Japanese bicyclist might want. While opening a corporate store managed by Bonnie Tu, would capture more of a global strategy, in which operating decisions are more centralized and headquarters implements training and standards. The recommendation I have for Tony Lo towards the issue of

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