A Gift for My Mother

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A Gift for My Mother “A Gift for My Mother” is written by Viv McDade in 2011. It is about a family, which consists of the parents and their daughter, Lucy, who live in South Africa. The family has to work hard to earn money to survive. Lucy tries to help them by selling flowers to people. Lucy is the first-person narrator. The year the story takes place; the narrator turned ten years old. We read the short story from her viewpoint, for example on page 8, on the first line: “In the year I turned ten…” Lucy a good student in her school; she does her homework and is an excellent speller, and as described in the text her only difficulty is the math homework. The short story takes place in South Africa, on page 8, we read about the…show more content…
Emmerson, which statement she gives the grounds for her father not making her feel nervous or stupid, on page 8: “He’s very good at explaining things and never makes you feel nervous or stupid […] He’s a far better teacher than Mrs. Emmerson”. The main theme is poverty in the short story. Poverty is very common in Africa and many people starve everyday. People in Africa have to work hard for earn money. For example, we read a lot about Lucy's parents who work hard to get a good life and try to provide a good future for Lucy. The main theme can also be, in this case, Lucy goes through a lot when she wants to surprise her mother and impress her mother with a gift. First she picks the flowers to sell, and then she goes from door to door to sell the flowers to people. This shows that Lucy is willing to do a lot for her mother. But in the end, Lucy does not impress the mother; When Lucy shows the money to her mother, she says that the daughter must go back and give the money back to the
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