A Gilded Age : A Gilded Age

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In the time 1870-1900 yes,it was a gilded age. Because the rich lived good without any

problems and the truth is deeper in because the poor were getting worser. And that's

what gilded was like covered thinly with gold but rusty on the inside. But it was

important in society because the political and the showing of wealth were so good but

on the other side the poor were really bad. The workers are the ones that had terrible

lives. The 20th Century was a Gilded age. For example the worst jobs were the best

and the highest pay for an average person was 2 dollars for 14 hours of work. The

living conditions was so bad children were dying and the water and a lot of things

weren’t safe. And it opened the wealthy families eyes to
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But if that door was open that could’ve saved more lives.

Jacob riis immigrated from Denmark 1870, at the age 21. When he got here he only

had 40 dollars and even considered suicide but after he had become a police reporter.

And her also lived in the slums for a while, then he began to take photos. The types of

photos he took were the poor (orphans,abandoned children,and criminals). He also

took them in alley ways. The conditions of tenement were not really sanitized and no

laws and poor housing ⅕ children died. And “the hall is dark and you might stumble

over children pitching pennies down there”. Urbanization created over crowding and by

that 8,000 kids died from tuberculosis every summer. And it awoken the wealthy to how

bad the conditions were, so many people blame the poor. And so if the rich created

the slums they can fix them. So william “boss” tweed over 6ft and 300 pounds, and also

was scottish but never actually drank. He was also a democrat and politician, providing

jobs & hospitals. He stole 500.000.00 million dollars which in this time was 50 millions

dollars. And so thomas nast drew negative political cartoons cartoons of tweed, drew

him like a monster , aking, monarch. Impact nast’s political cartoons, it brought charges

to boss tweed.

Tweed decided to buy off nast, and sent someone to inform
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