A Girl Has No Right For Education

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The same contestant maintained nomadic and other children living in remote areas They travel between 10, 15, 20 kilometers. This means there are children who walk 30 kilometers every day to and from school. We have students here at Ngoreme Secondary school who parents need to escort every day to school because they leave home very early night to go to school. They can leave home from 3AM and parents leave them to go back home sunrise. Parents pick them again in the evening because they live far away. He went on to say that, But when it comes to customs and rituals of Mara, the society has a low understanding of the value of education. Pastoralists’ families still believe that a girl has no right for education. They have a negative…show more content…
Otherwise, we will be preparing a small fraction of Tanzanians to benefit from the country’s resources while leaving out the rest. Other participant contrary to others indicated a positive view on ward schools noting that “ These schools are liberators for intellectual children from poor families. But it will take time to improve these schools to better” Many Tanzanians children go to these schools, because they are the only schools that poor parents can afford. Many parents can afford these schools. Remember in the past we lost many professionals, although they liked schools, they could not go to school. They did not have a chance now we have a chance for each child to go to school. A person comes from a poor family spending a day at school without eating anything, but they study hard and later reach their goals. For example I hosted some children who come from hard to live environment, they come to me- You realize that the child is yearning for education and may succeed, teachers sometimes host them and these students succeed. There are several students whom I witnessed with my own eyes coming from very poor families, they studied and reached their dreams although not the highest dream. The next participant went on to provide a constructive request to the government to take additional action for
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